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Book Reviews by Mike Farrow

Title: The General: William Booth Volume 1 - The Evangelist
Author David Malcolm Bennett
Publisher Xulon Press
ISBN No 1 591608 48 1

This is a very readable book, and is obviously well researched. Each chapter is followed by several pages of footnotes for that chapter. I have only one criticism and that is that this book falls into the trap of many other biographies of William Booth, in that it tends not to present the real man, but an idealistic view of him. It is though a book well worth reading, at times I felt as though I was reading about William Booth for the first time. When Volume 2 is published in 2004, it will serve as a useful complement to Hattersley's Blood and Fire. I would say that if you are going to buy a new biography of William Booth, then buy this one.

Title: The General: William Booth Volume 2 - The Soldier
Author David Malcom Bennett
Publisher Won Press
ISBN No 1-594672-06-7

If volume 1 of this work was brilliant; this volume goes beyond that. I am sure that this will be the standard work for many years. The first two volume biography of William Booth for seventy years, and published in time for the one hundred and seventy fifth anniversary of his birth, is a must for any serious student of Salvation Army History. It is a work to be read again and again. The notes at the end of each chapter are very useful, though I found that I would refer to them and then find that I had lost my place in the chapter. Also of great interest is the list of Salvation Army Websites given at the end of the book. I felt as though I was reading about the real William Booth, with all of his faults and failings and not some idealistic stained glass image of him. David Bennett is to be highly commended for this very thorough work of the great man. I hope there will be more from his pen. If these volumes are not on your book shelf, they should be.

Title: We Have Returned — The Salvation Army in Uganda 1980-1985
Author Dorothy Millar
Publisher Private Publication
ISBN No 1-55056-955-4

This is a fascinating book, I read through at one go. It tells from the author's diary the story of The Salvation Army's return to Uganda after the Idi Amin years. It is a story of tragedy, adversity and triumph. It tells in stark word pictures of the havoc of the preceding years, of the courage of Salvationists in Uganda. The book is well illustrated with numerous photographs. Proceeds from the sale are being donated to the Tororo Children's Home and the Kampala Home of Joy. This is one to read again and again.

Title: Pen Of Flame. The Life and Poetry of Catherine Baird
Author John Izzard with Henry Gariepy
Publisher Crest Books
ISBN No 0-9704870-4-5

This is fascinating insight into the life of one of The Salvation Army's greatest poets, and John Izzard is certainly to be commended, for a most readable, enjoyable and informative biography. One of the great strengths of this book is that it is really more than biography, as it gives numerous examples of Catherine Baird's poetry. Though this book is a little short on actual history, it does give some interesting insights into Salvation Army life; it is a book that will repay the reading.

Title: The Vigil — An Unlikely Encounter In War Torn Europe
Author Joe Ridholls
Publisher Private
ISBN No 0-953117-32-4

I have to confess that this is a book that I would not normally read. It is a story of four Salvationists from completely different backgrounds standing vigil over the coffin of a Salvation Army Officer in occupied Belgium during World War II. The story itself is fascinating and my heart would like to think that this story is true, but my head tells me otherwise, though I have heard of some strange encounters. If you want to read something a little different, then read this and judge for yourself It is an interesting diversion.

Title: Spirit Of The Sea (The Salvation Army in Leigh-on-Sea 1902-2002)
Authors Graham Cook & Gordon Parkhill
Published privately by The Salvation Army, Leigh-on-Sea

This book was published to commemorate the Centenary of the Corps, and is mainly sourced from the Corps History Book. It tells in glowing terms of the work and witness of the Corps from its beginnings to the present day. The book is well written and has numerous photographs throughout. The book is easy to read, 1 read through it in about six hours. 1 have only one criticism of this work, that it does not refer in any way to reverses that the Corps will have suffered during its hundred years. As far as I know this is the first time that any Corps has produced such a work and 1 can only hope that other will follow where Leigh-on-Sea has led.

Title: William Booth, General of The Salvation Army
Author Commander Booth Tucker
Publisher University Press of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii
ISBN 0-89875-168-3

This is a republication of this work, which was originally published in 1898 to mark one of William Booth's visits to the United-States. It would appear to be one of a 'series' of facsimiles of original works published in order to make original editions available. I found it to be just an interesting curiosity; as the book is difficult to read, and is written with no real objectivity being very much a piece of 'propaganda' to prepare the way for the visit this being less than two years after the Ballington Booth schism. Priced at around £20-£25 it is very expensive for a book of less than two hundred pages in paperback.

Title: Women in God's Army
Author Andrew Mark Eason
Publisher Wilfred Laurier University Press
ISBN No 0 88920 418 7

This book marks a new departure in the study of Salvation Army History, as it is the first comprehensive study of the role of women in the early days of the movement. Whilst the early Salvation Army professed commitment to sexual equality in leadership and ministry and made bold pronouncements on the subject these were not matched in reality. This is a difficult book to read, but it does repay the effort and I am sure that this book will become the seminal work in this area of Salvation Army Historical Studies. I personally found this book enlightening.

Title: Sanctified Sanity
Author R. David Rightmire
Publisher Crest Books. Salvation Army National Headquarters U.S.A
ISBN No 0 9704870 9 6

The Life and Teaching of Samuel Logan Brengle is the book's subtitle. This book is divided into two parts. Part One is a biographical sketch of Brengle's life and Part Two deals with his holiness teaching within The Salvation Army and within the broader Holiness Movement of the nineteenth century. In a sense this could have easily have been two books, as a definitive biography is long overdue, and the sketch of Brengle's holiness teaching and the broader Holiness Movement would make an interesting companion volume. The book is easy to read and would make an ideal Christmas present. The title is apt as the book clearly makes the point that Brengle lived and taught a life of Sanctified Sanity.

Title: The Letters of William and Catherine Booth
Author: David Bennett
Publisher Camp Hill Publications, Brisbane
ISBN No 0 9577937 1 5

This is a truly monumental work, and is a must for any serious student of Salvation Army history. It is not a book to read through, but one to be consulted, to look into from time to time. The letters are extracted from the Booth papers in the British Library and other sources, and without any doubt this book will serve as the standard work of reference for a very long time. This book is expensive in excess of £50-00p, but the binding is of excellent quality, and is certainly good value for money. I obtained my copy from Salvation Army Supplies in Melbourne, who provided an excellent service. Tell your family that this is what you would like for Christmas.

Title: William and Catherine (The Life and Legacy of the Booths, Founders of The Salvation Army)
Author Trevor Yaxley with Catherine Vanderwal
Publisher Bethany House
ISBN No 0 7642 2760 2

I must confess that when I first heard about this book, my reaction was 'O! Not another one'. However the book is well written, and moves at a cracking pace, mainly due to being very short on real detail and also perpetuating some of the 'mythology' surrounding the lives of William and Catherine Booth. It is very much like 'The General Next To God' n its approach, and the writers are clearly in love with their subject. It is worth reading, and will probably serve as a good introduction to the lives of William and Catherine Booth.

Title: Unfurling The Flag

This fascinating booklet of almost fifty pages has been produced by Chelmsford Corps as a fundraiser for the extension of their building. It is a collection of reports of The Salvation Army's first year in Chelmsford 1886 - 1887 as seen through the reports of the Essex Chronicle. It details the Army's opening and reception in the town, and chronicles the activities and developments of the first year; along with letters and reports criticizing the Army. A good look at how others saw us. Priced at £5-00p including postage, this is a must for any serious student of Salvation Army history

Title: Historical Dictionary Of The Salvation Army
Author. Major John G. Merritt
Publisher. Scarecrow Press Inc
ISBN No: 0-8108-5344-2

This volume has been long time in coming, and John Merritt is to be commended for his vision and his fortitude in bringing to the light of day. This is a truly fascinating book, and contains everything you ever wanted to know about The Salvation Army, it also contains everything you never wanted to know about The Salvation Army. Most of the contributing authors are all well known in Salvation Army Historical circles, and along with items from Year Books and other publications make for an interesting mix of styles and opinions. I feel though that most of the appendixes are unnecessary e.g. Why was it necessary to include a list of Commissioners from 1880-2005? There are some interesting omissions from the fist; and most of the other appendixes would have been better placed in the main body of the work. At just short of eight hundred pages it is good value for money at £72.00 in the United Kingdom; the only real problem I can see with this volume, is that it was out of date before it was published.

Title: Good Morning China - The Chronicle of The Salvation Army in China 1916-2000
Author.. Check-Hung Yee
Publisher. Crest Books
ISBN No: 0-9740940-5-6

Colonel Henry Gariepy writes in the foreword of this book, 'This stirring saga of The Salvation Army in China is destined to take a prominent place in the corpus of Salvation Army history' 1 agree whole heartedly with that sentiment. This is a marvellous book, it is an unknown chronicle of dedication and heroism, and is also a book that defines enduring faith and what the mission of The Salvation Army is all about. This is without doubt one of the best books I have ever read, and when I had to put it down, found myself eagerly waiting the opportunity to continue reading. Over and over again, 1 had to pause and think of the sacrifice, heroism and daring of those who are mentioned in its pages. 1 am sure that the full story of The Salvation Army in China would comprise many volumes, 1 sincerely hope that some day more of the remarkable story will be told.

Title: The Diary and Reminiscences of Catherine Booth
Author: David Malcolm Bennett - Editor
Publisher. Camp Hill Publications
ISBN No: 13:978-0-9577937-4 X and 10:0-9577937-4 X

Salvation Army historians all over the world, both now and in the future owe David Bennett a huge debt of gratitude. Following on from his 'Letters of William and Catherine Booth' and his two volume biography of William Booth comes this remarkable volume. This publication lets us into the mind of a remarkable woman, who is without doubt one of the great Victorians. The Diary written in her late teens and the Reminiscences at the end of her life make for absolutely fascinating reading, this book is a must for every serious student of Salvation Army History, whether amateur or otherwise; and is one that that I will refer to again and again. I am left wondering - what will be next from his 'pen'.
Title: Soldiers Of The Cross: Susie Swift and David Lamb - Pioneers Of Social Change
Author Norman Murdoch
Publisher. Crest Books
ISBN No: 13:978-0-9740940-7-6

Norman Murdoch has written a very interesting book on two perhaps of the lesser known characters from Salvation Army History. Again he perhaps somewhat controversial in what he has written, but to my mind that only serves to make the book that much more interesting. Susie Swift put the first draft of Darkest England, from Frank Smith's notes, later she became a Roman Catholic, and her contribution to the Army in many areas has been largely forgotten. I have to confess all of this was new to me. David Lamb on the other hand spent all of his officership in administration, never commanding a Corps, and was one of those responsible for implementing parts of Darkest England and also adjusting the Emigration Proposals to make them workable. Of particular interest in his role in the calling of the First High Council in 1929, and his proposals concerning the future leadership of the Army. Some of these ideas have come to fruition, but here 1 must take issue with the author, as some of the events he describes on this topic seem to be at variance with what actually happened. A very good read..
Title: What Price The Poor? - William Booth, Kart Marx and the London Residuum
Author. Ann M. Woodall
Publisher. Ashgate Publishing Ltd
ISBN No: 0-7546-4203-8

When I first heard of this book, my first reaction was 'Just what do William Booth and Karl Marx have in common?' More than I ever imagined; as I discovered in this unusual book. Though this is a difficult book to read, it is also fascinating book. It is a remarkable insight into the thinking of two great men, and their dealings with the poor in nineteenth century London. The book shows how both men had similar hopes for the redemption of the poor, and similar ideas on a more systematic programme of social transformation. It does not turn Marx into a Salvationist, or Booth into a Socialist but there are comparisons to be made between the thinking and the ideas of the two men.

Title: Turning Points - How The Salvation Army found a different path
Author. Aden Satterlee
Publisher Crest Books
ISBN No: 0-9740940-3-X

This is a fascinating volume. It deals with ten turning points in the history of The Salvation Army from The Role of Women, the First High Council, World War II and its aftermath to give some examples. It not only repeats the history but also interprets the turning points in the light of subsequent events and show how Salvationists continue to serve God and each generation faithfully. Whilst nothing new is offered, it does provide excellent insights into these events. Any serious student of Salvation Army History should want to possess and read this volume. I will certainly return to it in the future.

Title: The Life & Ministry Of William Booth (Founder of The Salvation Army)
Author. Roger Green
Publisher: Abingdon
ISBN No: 0-687-05273-4

This is an interesting book; that is well written and extensively researched and will serve as a useful companion to the authors' biography of Catherine Booth. 1 had hoped that this book would be a useful introduction to William. Booth for those coming to him for the first time. However in my opinion the book fails to do this, as it at times difficult to read, and short on detail, which is probably to be expected in a volume of this size. It is though a useful addition to the canon of Booth biographies of which there is something in the region of twenty. Well worth having on your bookshelf.

Title: Caught In The Crossfire
Author Mary Wemyss Aitchison
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
ISBN No: 1-85792-149-6

This is an unusual little book and one that I am glad that 1 have read. It is a real page turner, and the story would make for a good Hollywood blockbuster. This is the story of Janina Pladek (Major Janina Neale) and her remarkable survival in the Second World War in Occupied Europe, of her abduction from her native Poland, time in forced labour camps, her escape from the advancing Russian forces and how she finally made it to England, and joining The Salvation Army and of her experiences in training, and how she eventually fulfilled her childhood calling to be a missionary. It is an account of the intervening and keeping power of God. Buy this book and read it, you won't regret it.

Title: The Bells of San Francisco - The Salvation Army With Its Sleeves Rolled Up
Author. Judy Vaughn
Publisher RDR Books
ISBN No: 1-57143-150-0

This is an interesting publication, and a fascinating read of The Salvation Army in San Francisco. It is though difficult to read as it is in columns. It deals with Salvation Army activity in the city from its beginnings to the present, though there are several errors in the historical details which could have been avoided with a little more research, and jumps from the past to the present, which makes things a little confusing. It would appear not to be a serious history, but rather a book that would find its place on the coffee table, and not the bookshelf. It does though contain numerous photographs that I had never seen before.

Title: Blood And Fire, Tsar and Commissar (The Salvation Army in Russia 1907-1923)
Author Tom Aitken
Publisher Paternoster
ISBN No 978-1-84277-511-5

If I were to be asked the question 'What would be my book of the year on the subject of the History of The Salvation Army?' This book would be the one. It is a compelling read, though difficult at times, as the account is woven skillfully into the background of events in Russia at the time. The story of The Salvation Army first ventures into Russia in the early quarter of the twentieth century is truly gripping. It is a story that has immense courage, and at times foolhardiness. It does not shy away from the mistakes that were made by the top Salvation Army leadership at the time. I found that I kept wanting to know what happened next. If you buy only one book on Salvation Army History this year, then buy this one, you will not regret it.

Title: The Shining Image Of The Southern Cross (History Of The Salvation Army In Brazil — English Translation)
Author Carl S. Eliasen
Publisher The Salvation Army — Brazil Territory
ISBN No 85-86411-10-8 (Portuguese Edition)

This book came as a total surprise, I arrived home one day to find it on my doormat. I confess that I knew almost nothing about The Salvation Army in Brazil before reading this. The book is highly informative, and well written, it also gives a surprising amount of detail in what is really a small volume. The author is highly qualified to produce this work, as he has served most of his Officership in Brazil and is the son of Pioneer Officers in the country. This English translation has been made possible by the generosity of the authors family. If you can get hold of a copy do so, I believe it is available from Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters in Brazil.

Title: Salvation Assault
Author Allan Satterlee
Publisher The Salvation Army, Papua New Guinea Territory
ISBN No 9980-86-080-4

What a read. I could not put it down. I am always fascinated by the beginnings of Salvation Army work in any country; and this book published for the 50th Anniversary of the Army commencing work in Papua New Guinea lived up to all the expectations. It is a truly thrilling story, contained in less than a hundred and fifty pages, I hope that one day a more complete account will be published. At least a start has been made. I urge you to buy this book and read it. The Salvationists of the 1880's sand The Salvation Army is marching along. It certainly is in Papua New Guinea.

Title: The Salvation Army In Estonia 1927-1940 & 1995-2005
Author Anon
Publisher The Salvation Army — Finland and Estonia Territory
ISBN No None

This is a very short book just ninety two pages, but a fantastic read. I knew nothing about The Salvation Army in Estonia, and this little book is full of facts. It is a fantastic story of heroism, courage survival under persecution, faith in the power of God and the determination of His people. Published in Finnish, Estonian and English this is a must read book. Available from Finland and Estonia Territorial  Headquarters, buy it and read it you will be glad you did.

Title: Smokey Mountain High ( The Consuming Passion of Cecil Brown)
Author Frank Duracher
Publisher Crest Books
ISBN No 10:0-9792266-1-9

I have to confess that Salvationist Publishing and Supplies do sometimes surprise me. I wandered in one lunch time and found this volume on the shelf. The story of Major Cecil Brown and her work and ministry in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee is more than worthy of being a Hollywood blockbuster. It is a twenty year ministry to her own people. It is a story of holy daring and determination, of struggle and hardship, and a story of overcoming all the odds. As you read places like Shelton Laurel, Big Bend, Little Creek capture the imagination along with the colourful inhabitants. Once you pick this volume up, you will not want to put it down, until you have read the full story.

Title: Maiden Tribute (A Life Of W.T. Stead)
Author Grace Eckley
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
ISBN No 978-1-4257-2708-6

A truly fascinating biography. All who are involved with Salvation Army history will know of W.T. Stead's part in the Maiden Tribute Campaign, and the subsequent trial of Stead and Bramwell Booth at the Old Bailey. The book takes its title from that campaign, but that takes up a very small part of the book, only eighteen pages, though there are other references to The Salvation Army throughout i.e. His involvement with the writing of Darkest England. This is a very detailed account of Stead's life and will repay the reading. This is a very worthy account of a very remarkable though at times eccentric man. One wonders what would have happened if Stead had not given his life to journalism and joined The Salvation Army

Title: Leadership In The Salvation Army (A Case Study In Clericalisation)
Author Harold Hill
Publisher Paternoster
ISBN No 10 1-84227-429-5

This is a review and a detailed analysis of the history of The Salvation Army focused on the process of clericalisation, in a movement with a strong anti-clerical mindset. It clearly shows how The Salvation Army has viewed its Officer Corps since the beginning to the present day. It also details with how equality of women whilst always being an ideal, has not for the most party been the reality. The book is very detailed, and I found myself rereading sections to be certain I understood what being said. The book is very readable, and I have no doubt will be of tremendous interest to anyone with an interest in Salvation Army History. The book does have once serious flaw in that whilst very detailed it fails to draw any conclusions.

Title: For Such A Time As This (The story of the young Florence Booth)
Author Jenty Fairbank
Publisher Salvation Books, Salvation Army International Headquarters
ISBN No 978-0-85412-759-7

This book was published to commemorate the Centenary of the Home League. Whilst the intention appears to have been to focus on the early life of Florence Booth, I feel that an invaluable opportunity has been missed. Surely this would have been a good time to publish a full biography of this remarkable woman. The book draws heavily on diaries and memoirs from her early years, and covers in some detail her pioneering in Paris, and her early efforts at rescue work. The book is very readable, and does throw some light on the early days of The Salvation Army.

Title: In The Firing Line (Colonel Bramwell Coles)
Author W.L. Court
Publisher Credo Press
ISBN No None

It's true you can't tell a book by its cover. At first glance at this book my head told me that it would be dull and boring full of minutia that no one would want to know, on the various musical compositions of the subject. This volume is fascinating and reveals a very remarkable man of whom I knew very little. It is extremely easy to read with very short chapters most no more than two or three pages. It is reveals a very remarkable unassuming man and his work whose impact on the life of The Salvation Army will never truly be measured. A free sampler C.D. is included and this has recordings of some of the great Salvation Army Bands of yesteryear.

Title: Israel L. Gaither - Man With A Mission
Author Henry Gariepy
Publisher Crest Books
ISBN No 13:978-0-9740940-8-3

This is a book that you need to read. A fascinating account of the life and mission of Commissioner Israel Gaither — former Salvation Army Chief Of The Staff. It is without doubt the best biography of a Salvation Army leader that I have read in a long time. It is an exciting story of how God can work in an extra ordinary way. Whilst most of the contents deal with more recent days, I am sure that this is a history book of the future, and future researchers will be delighted that this book was ever written, and it is for this reason that I have included it here.

Title: I Knew William Booth
Author R.G. Moyles (Editor)
Publisher Crest Books, U.S.A. National Headquarters
ISBN No 13:978-0-974940-9-0

This book is an album of remembrances, a series of articles of personal memories written by some of those who worked with William Booth at close quarters, or who came in contact with him at various times, including journalists, family and clergy. This publication gives some remarkable insights into the real man as well as the strong willed tireless leader. I found this book to be an extremely interesting read and will no doubt return to it again.

Title: William Booth in Canada
Author R.G. Moyles
Publisher AGM Publications
ISBN No 0-9686898-3-3

I always enjoy reading the authors work and this book was no exception. It is a very descriptive account of William Booth's since visits to Canada between 1886-1907. The book deals with the reasons for the visits, the setting of the stage for the visits themselves. It also captures some of the essence of his sermons, as well as revealing some of his personal sometimes eccentric personal habits, and also shows what the Canadian public thought of William Booth and The Salvation Army. It is to say the least a fascinating book, and a very interesting journey.

Title: Brass Bands of The Salvation Army, Their Mission and Music Volume 1
Author Ronald W. Holz
Publisher Streets Publishers
ISBN No 978-0-9551988-4-7

If you are a brass band fanatic then this book is for you. I however found it in the main to be extremely boring. In fact the only section I found of interest was 'A Short History of Salvation Army Bands and their Music' which serves as a very useful introduction to the history of Salvation Army Music. Now I am not knocking bands, thirty years service as a Corps Officer has more than shown me their value as a means of evangelism and for use in worship. However the bulk of this book seems to me to be nothing more than a deification of bands and bandsmen. The bulk of this is extremely boring and is of little or no interest to the general reading. A second volume is being prepared, I will be leaving it in the bookshop.

Title: The Girl Who Invaded America (The Odyssey Of Eliza Shirley)
Author - Ken Elliott
Publisher - Crest Books
ISBN No 13:978-0-9792266-2-5

If I had to choose a Salvation Army History/Biography of the year this book would be my undoubted choice. I first read a draft of this book seven years ago, and have been eagerly awaiting its publication ever since. This is a story more than worthy of being made into a Hollywood block buster. This is the remarkable story of Eliza Shirley a young girl from Coventry, who with her parents opened fire for The Salvation Army in the United States, almost a year before the official invasion party. It is a story of absolute faith, of overcoming insurmountable odds, and an extremely remarkable life. This book was as exciting to read the second time as it was the first.

Title: The Salvation Army in Korea
Author - Peter Chang
Publisher - The Salvation Army, Korea Territory
ISBN No 978-89-92733-03-8 03230

This volume has been published in connection with The Salvation Army’s Centenary in Korea in 2008. I believe an official history is also being produced, though at the time of writing I am not really sure whether this will also be published in English, it would be tragedy if it were not. Though this book is designed not to be a history, but rather an introductory insight into The Salvation Army in Korea, it does contain some very interesting historical material. I found the book extremely interesting and a pleasure to read, though the number of ‘mini biographies’ were at times a little tedious and I did wonder if they were really essential. I recommend this book if you want to know more about The Salvation Army internationally.

Title: Te Ope Whakaora (The Army That Brings Life)
Author - Harold Hill
Publisher - Flag Publications, The Salvation Army, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory
ISBN No 978-0-473-12503-5

This truly amazing publication is a collection of documents on The Salvation Army and the Maori from 1884-2007. It also contains ‘Canoe on the River’ an account of mission work amongst the Maori from 1888-1928. This book is not for the fainthearted as I found it to be heavy going, but it is a very interesting insight of the Army’s work amongst indigenous peoples’ It is a book that can be best described as a work of reference rather than a volume to sit and read through. It is though a valuable addition to the growing corpus of books on The Salvation Army.

Title: Hadleigh – Salvation Army Farm (A Vision Reborn)
Author - Gordon Parkhill and Graham Cook
Publisher - The Salvation Army – Shield Books
ISBN No 978-0-85412-776-4

If you are hoping for a serious historical work on this part of William Booth’s Darkest England Scheme, you will be sadly disappointed. There is really very little in the way of historical detail, but the numerous photographs are very interesting. The book is as the title suggests a review and a rebirthing of the original vision for the Hadleigh Land Colony. I actually find myself at a loss as to why anyone would want to write a book on this subject when the actual amount of text amounts to nothing more than a few articles, which can be read through in a couple of hours. Apart from the historical photo’s this book has really very little to commend it.

Title: They Gave Their Lives (The Stories Of Twelve Salvationists Who Died For Their Faith)
Author - Alan Bateman
Publisher - Salvation Books, Salvation Army International Headquarters
ISBN No 978-0-85412-789-4

This book is exactly what it says, twelve mini-biographies of Salvationist martyrs. I found this to be an amazing book for it covers stories from the beginnings of The Salvation Army until the present. It is an inspiring publication and well worth the time it takes to read it. From the story of Mrs Captain Sarah Beaty to that of Colonel Bo Brekke, this book will enthral you, amaze you and inspire you.

Title: An Army Needs An Ambulance Corps (A History of The Salvation Army’s Medical Services)
Author - Williams, Harry
Publisher - Salvation Books I.H.Q.
ISBN No 978-0-85412-795-5

No could be better qualified to write this book than Commissioner Harry Williams. This is a fascinating read and is a straightforward account of Salvation Army Medical work around the world. There are numerous photographs, and is a real must for all those who are interested in Salvation Army History. The book is not just an historical account for it also gives an account of current medical practice as thinking in Salvation Army Medical facilities. This is a book that you should have.

Title: Insane (The Stories Of Crazy Salvos Who Changed The World)
Author - Nealson Munn and David Collinson
Publisher - The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory
ISBN No 978-0-9585991-6-0

This book is certainly different, as it tells some of the stories from Salvation Army History in an exciting way. In reality the title says it all. Such accounts as Maiden Tribute, and Lights in Darkest England and others are given a new and refreshing treatment. Each chapter concludes with a challenge based on the chapter’s subject. Purists may take exception to this book, but I found it a very interesting read, and hopefully this book will challenge a new generation of Salvation Army Historians.

Title: Come Join Our Army (Historical Reflections on Salvation Army Growth)
Author - R.G. Moyles
Publisher - Crest Books
ISBN No 13:978-0-9740940-7-6

The title of this book intrigued me. It is as the subtitle suggests a series of reflections on the growth of The Salvation Army in its earliest years. Under such chapter headings as Sing and be Merry; Getting Others Saved, the book is a highly entertaining account of The Salvation Army’s impact, methods, and ideas in its earliest years. Of particular interest is the inclusion of some very early Salvation Army Songs and Choruses. I found this book very enlightening and very interesting in its presentation of Salvation Army History; and I am sure that it will serve for many years as an excellent introduction to Salvation Army History.

Title: 1929 (A Crisis That Shaped The Salvation Army’s Future)
Author: John Larsson
Publisher: Salvation Books, I.H.Q.
ISBN No. 978-0-85412-794-8

At long last what is described as a full account of the first High Council in 1929. To say that this book is a fascinating read does not do it justice. It is a truly remarkable read, and one which should be read by all who are interested in Salvation Army History. The account moves a cracking pace and even though you know the story you find yourself wondering what will happen next. This book is a very useful addition to the corpus of literature on this particular event. If I have one question about this book, it is, ‘Is this really the full story?’

Title: Christianity In Action (The International History of The Salvation Army)
Author: Henry Gariepy
Publisher: Eerdmans
ISBN No. 978-0-8028-4841-3

When I first saw this book, I thought at last a replacement for ‘No Discharge In This War’ However I was soon disappointed, as it so American orientated. Whilst this book may prove useful, it is difficult to read and to follow, and contains a number of errors although these could be the dates that these changes came in the United States. I really cannot recommend this book.

Title: Hilsen fra Frelsesarmeen      
Author: Per Hakon Eikeseth
Publisher: The Salvation Army, Norway, Iceland and Faroes Territory
ISBN No: 978-82-994511-9-2978-0-85412-827-3

This is a fascinating book, a collection of postcards featuring The Salvation Army, from the earliest days up to and including some of the humorous ones from the 1950’s and is a remarkable collection. Though the book was published in Norway it also has an English text. It is available through the Norway Territorial Headquarters but payment is somewhat difficult to make. All in all I thoroughly recommend this book, and if you have an interest in Salvation Army Postcards then this book is for you.

Title: Mission LiberiaAuthor: Brian Knightley                              
Publisher: Matador
ISBN No: 978-184876-468-2

If you want to read history in the making then this book is for you It tells the story of The Salvation Army in Liberia during that country’s civil war and aftermath. It is a story of courage and of miracles and reads in some respects like a chapter from early Salvation Army History, and is a truly thrilling account. Definitely one to put on your list of books to buy.

Title: William Booth in America                                                  
Author: R. Gordon Moyles
Publisher: Crest Books
ISBN No: 978-0-9792266-9-4

A companion volume to the earlier William Booth in Canada. It gives detailed accounts of the six visits William Booth made to the United States between 1886 and 1907. An interesting book and very easy to read, which gives an insight into the relationship between William Booth and The Salvation Army in America, and the Army’s leaders in the country, most of whom were from the Booth family. I commend this book to you..

Title: The Basingstoke Riots (Massagainians v The Salvation Army)Author: Bob Clarke                           
Publisher: BAHSOC                    
ISBN No: 978-0-9508095-6-4

What a read!!! An amazing account of the opposition faced by The Salvation Army during its early days in Basingstoke. You almost feel as though you are really there. I have to admit that I had great difficulty in putting this book down. The author gives a thrillingly detailed account of events and is to be commended the painstaking research that they have done. I hope to see similar accounts being published soon.

Title: To The Glory of God      
Author: Ray Oakley
Publisher: Private
ISBN No: 978-0-85412-827-3

This is certainly an interesting read – A History of the development of The Salvation Army in the British Isles as expressed, illustrated and symbolised through its buildings and some paintings. The author has indeed done a great service to the study of Salvation Army History in this book, and he is well qualified to do so. If I have a criticism of this book it is that is was published in landscape format which makes it very difficult to handle and to read. If you have an interest in Salvation Army buildings then this book is for you.