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Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Quotations of William Booth

Amongst the many sayings of William Booth, here are a few favourites for members to ponder over:

“The most serious lack in the religious training of children – and that which is the cause of frequent failure – is the reliance on teaching only. Multitudes of children are instructed in religious notions and their memories crammed with the facts… whilst their hearts are left unchanged, uncultivated, and uninspired by the Holy Spirit.”

"Nothing demoralizes Salvation Soldiers more than inactivity. Idleness is stark ruin, and the devil's own opportunity..."
General William Booth
 "We believe in salvation HERE and NOW; we believe in feeling, knowing, and partaking here on earth of the leaves of the tree of life, which are for the healing of the nations... WE WANT IT NOW! Drinking of the river of the water of life which flows from the throne of God, and being healed, and changed, and blessed, and filled with the glory of God, and the peace and purity and power of salvation. WE WANT IT NOW!

"Can we go too fast, my comrades, in SAVING SOULS? I will not attempt to answer that question. No soldier in The Salvation Army would put it. It is an insult to the Bible - to the teachers of Christianity."

"Let us remember Him who died for us continually. Let us remember His love every hour of our lives, and continually feed on Him - not on Sundays only, and then forget him all the week, but let us in faith eat his flesh and drink his blood continually... all to the Glory of God." - 1883

"Beliefs, opinions and feelings will not produce a character strong enough to stand the strain and to be successful in the regeneration of the world; supernatural men and women are wanted for such work."

"If you want a solid, sensible, holy, devoted partner, then the possession and manifestation of the qualities you seek in another will be most likely to secure the gratification of your desire. The Bible speaks of 'the beauty of holiness'; and there is nothing so attractive to a good Salvationist as the truthfulness, meekness, kindness, and devotion which that term describes. Exhibit them."

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